About Us

Movie posters have been used for nearly a century by film studios to promote their new releases.

But any lover of vintage movie posters knows that a well-designed film poster is more than an advertisement. It is a work of art that tells a powerful story.

Just like works of art, collectible classic film posters are an investment of time and money. And they can be an obsession.

I became obsessed with vintage movie posters in 2012, on a visit to New York. Being a lover of 1980s memorabilia, I jumped at the chance to stop by an NYC movie poster shop lined from floor to ceiling with amazing vintage posters from classic films.

It was there that I found a US 1 sheet of the 1987 classic Predator, one of my favorite movies.

Naturally, I had to have it.

Little did I know that this one poster would be the start of my own successful film poster business.

Vintage movie posters are created to display inside and outside cinemas to entice people to buy tickets for the next showing. Then they are taken down and scattered to the winds. They end up in cinema employees’ homes or are sold on the sly to film fans and collectors.

As such, finding these long-lost film posters is a form of treasure hunting for people like me, who love locating rare original movie posters and making them available to the fans who have been looking to buy classic movie posters but can’t find them anywhere.

As I deepened my knowledge of collectible movie posters and started engaging more and more with the vintage film art community, I wanted to share my knowledge with others while creating a one-stop vintage film art store for movie fans and collectors in Australia.

I founded Reel Movie Posters to create such a place. We are an online community hub for original movie poster fans that lovingly ships vintage movie posters to customers all over the country and the world.

As a fan of pretty much anything vintage and being a collector myself, I find that the thing I like most about operating Reel Movie Posters is the interactions with movie fans. I especially love finding that special item for someone who has been searching for a rare poster from a classic film.

I’m honored and thrilled to have built a business that can do just that for my film-loving friends in Australia and across the globe.

At Reel Movie Posters, I can’t wait to help you find the special vintage movie poster you’ve been searching for.


Richard Pagliaro
Reel Movie Posters